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Introducing the New Pivoting Frogfish Fin

The ultimate SUP expedition fin for the outdoor enthusiast looking to explore, rivers, creeks, backwaters, tidal areas and beach wash surfing.  

The retractable Frogfish fin is simple to use and installs quickly in most standard fin boxes

No special tools or modifications to the board are required.

Frogfish fins are manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest, USA.       

Benefits of a Pivoting Fin

Frogfish fins work great in rivers, shallow tidal waters, around underwater logs/debris, and in kelp beds. Benefits include:

Paddler Feels Less Jolting

If a standard fin hits a hard object underwater, the force is so great it often causes the paddler to loose balance or even fall off the board.  

In contrast, a Frogfish fin flips out of the way when colliding with something underwater. The result is an impact with significantly less force. Less force means less change in speed and direction, so the paddler feels very little to no effect. This lets the paddler explore with comfort and confidence.

Better Tracking and Stability than Low Profile Fins 

Frogfish fins have more surface area and a deeper draft than low profile fins often used for shallow waters.  

Fins with more surface area means the board rolls less from side to side.

Deeper fins improve tracking so more energy from each stroke goes into moving forward instead of sideways.

Now it is possible to have one fin that can go shallow and still track! 

Shallower Launching and Outhaul

Launching in shallow water with a Frogfish fin allows a paddler to gain a more stable stance while the fin is in contact with the bottom. This is especially helpful for beginner paddlers or those who don’t want to wade out in cold water to get on their board. In addition, a paddler can come in closer to shore before getting off the board since the Frogfish fin retracts when it gets in shallow water.

A retracted Frogfish fin draws about 3 inches, similar to the draft of the board where the paddler stands. The board is as likely to make contact as a Frogfish fin.

Less Impact to the Environment 

Newton’s third law of motion says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Frogfish fins reduce the forces of impact to the fin, board and paddler. In keeping with Newton, this also means it reduces the forces of impact to the environment.

We expect people to paddle responsibly and avoid areas where marine life or habitat could be disturbed. If accidental contact does happen, the gentler touch of a Frogfish fin is less destructive than the effects of a blow with a regular fin.

Escape the Tangles of Kelp and Sea Grasses

A standard fin is nothing like a knife cutting through butter when it comes into kelp. Fortunately, the pivoting action of the Frogfish fin engages with the buildup of resistance from the kelp or other drifting debris. When the Frogfish fin retracts back, the kelp can slide off and the paddler can continue moving forward.

Reduces Fin Damage

When rigid fins hit the bottom or other hard objects, the fin, fin box and even the board can be damaged. Time and cost required for repairs are annoying.

The dynamic rotating action of the Frogfish fin weakens the force of impact and transfers energy to the retraction spring. This means some of the energy that would have gone into breaking your fin, fin box or board goes elsewhere.

Our Story

We are a small startup of outdoor enthusiasts who have grown up in the awesome Pacific Northwest. Being outdoors is in our blood, and we’re often found skiing, hiking, biking, SUP boarding, skateboarding, or just playing around. We also happen to be engineers who are constantly looking for ways to expand our outdoor experiences and improve the products we use. This is exactly how Frogfish started.

The idea was conceived after SUP boarding down local rivers and getting very annoyed every time the fin hit a rock and jerked the board, almost knocking us into the water. “Hey, I wonder if someone thought of a fin that pivots…” and here we are. After spending a year in research and development, we are now releasing our first product, the Frogfish fin. These fins leave big smiles on our faces after floating the shallows and we hope that they will for you too.

Our goal is to explore, create and inspire. We are learning that a crazy idea can turn into a quality product that encourages others to explore and find enjoyment in the magnificent outdoors. Our products are manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest. Many more ideas are in the works so keep an eye out for us!

Our fin in action.

Checkout out more of our videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a  Frogfish fin easy to install?

Installation is quick and easy with no custom modifications. All you need is a screwdriver. Simply remove the screw and square nut holding the standard fin to the SUP board fin box and replace it with the Frogfish fin. A screw and square nut are used at both the front and rear of the Frogfish fin to securely hold the fin in place and better distribute any forces which may be exerted on the fin.

What kind of fin box do I need?

Most rigid SUP boards come factory equipped with an internal fin box slot located near the bottom rear (stern). These slots are typically 3/8 inches wide, 1 inch deep, and 8 to 10 inches long. The Frogfish fin bracket is 6 inches long, so as long your fin slot is at least 6 inches long, it should fit. Most inflatable SUP boards have external fin boxes that come glued to the board from the factory. Some of these fin boxes are narrower than 3/8 inches. Frogfish fins cannot be mounted to fin boxes narrower than 3/8 inches. An option is to remove the original fin box and replace it with a new glued on fin box. At this time, we do not carry these glue on fin boxes but are working diligently to be able to provide them to our customers in the future.

Why does fin shape matter?

Fins are to boards as tires are to cars. Just as you wouldn’t see a race car using snow tires, there is not one ideal fin shape for all conditions. Since this is our first year in production, Frogfish is only able to offer a single shape for this season. We do have a variety of designs in the works for an assortment of purposes that we hope to offer soon.

How can I purchase a Frogfish fin?

We currently sell direct on Amazon.com. We are also working to partner with various retailers to have our products available in retail stores.  Feel free to contact us directly for direct sales, industry discounts or pro-deals.

Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

• Always Grip the paddle with one hand on the top of the paddle and the other on the shaft, about shoulder width from the top.

• The paddle blade is angled. When used properly, the blade angle faces away from the paddler allowing for a longer front stroke.

• Paddles float. If you fall in and let go of the paddle, swim to your board first, climb on and then go retrieve the paddle.

• Keep your feet parallel, facing forward and spread shoulder width apart.

• Balance with your hips, not your upper body. Keep your back straight and don’t lock your knees.

• Always paddle responsibly in conditions within your ability.


Components under extreme spring tension can cause serious injury. Keep body parts away from pinch points between the fin and bracket. Do not attempt to adjust spring.

Although our fins can do more than a standard fin, it does not make the user, equipment, or environment invincible. Please board safely according to your ability level and avoid environmentally sensitive areas.

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Located in Washington State, USA

Email: info@frogfishfins.com